*Speed Limit is 7.2 MPH
*VISITOR FEE: $2 per visitor–under 3 years old free. ALL visitors must come to the office to register their vehicle & receive a car tag immediately upon arrival. Overnight visitors are $5 per person. Day guests must be off the campground by 11 pm.
*QUIET HOURS: 11 pm – 7 am STRICTLY ENFORCED. Children must be back on their sites by 11 pm.
*No smoking in any building on the campground–including cabins. No smoking in the pool area or playground. Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground. Use one of the ash cans or throw them in the fire rings. Please help us keep the campground clean.
*PETS are welcome. They must be leashed at all times, attended, quiet, and cleaned up after. No pets in any buildings (except cabins), no pets on playground, or in the pool area. No pets are to be left unattended in the cabins.
*POOL RULES–Children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Swim at your own risk as we have no lifeguards on duty. No food, candy, glass containers or smoking in the pool area. Pool depth is 3 feet to 6 feet. NO DIVING!! Appropriate swim wear required. No long pants.
* Garbage will be picked up after 11 am each day at your site or you may place it inside the garbage building next to the propane tank. All bags must be tied. Please do not place your garbage by the road until the day of pick-up. Please do not place tied bags in the garbage cans around the campground; take them to the garbage building.
*Damaging or cutting trees or shrubs is strictly forbidden. You will be asked to leave and pay for the damage! Please purchase sticks ($. 25) in the camp store for cooking hotdogs or marshmallows. Gathering of firewood is strictly prohibited. There is camp fire wood available for purchase in the store.
*Do not move fire rings without permission. Campfires must be confined to the ring. Fires must be attended. Do not burn cans, bottles, or plastic….paper and wood only.
*Washing vehicles is not permitted on the campground. Please ask at the office where the car wash is.
*Clotheslines are permitted for towels and bathing suits only. Place lines at least 6 feet high.
*Bikes must observe the 7.2 mph limit also. No bikes after dark. State law states that those under 16 must wear a helmet.
*ATVs are welcome but are not to be ridden within the campground but may only be used to leave & to return to the campsite.
*Golf carts may only be used by those with physical limitations and with approval from campground staff.
*No fireworks in the campground.